The slouch-overcorrect exercise is also a great maneuver to do to remind yourself to sit with proper posture. You may need to get creative when adjusting the monitor height. Sometimes a small stack of books can be used to ensure the monitor is at the proper level when working. If you live in a small studio apartment, you may have to get a bit creative when setting up your home office.

  • Choosing comfortable and ergonomic furniture for your home office isn’t a luxury choice.
  • Depending on the nature of your current job, you may start your own freelance business while still being employed.
  • If you have a higher cafe-style kitchen table, you need to use a chair that allows you to sit higher while working.
  • Don’t use precious minutes making your food the day of work — cook it the night before.
  • Do not overload your office with furniture, pictures, and accessories in the room.
  • Most home office setups should comfortably fit a 24-inch monitor, which is one of the most popular sizes.

While there are distractions at the workplace, they are nothing compared to what you have at home. There are items that help you take a quick, five-minute break when you need to, and other things — like the TV — that can end up wasting hours of your time. To the extent that you can, get out of the house and move your body. Ideally, step outside for at least a short while before, during, and after your working hours. I say “morning routine,” but not everyone who works from home follows a nine-to-five schedule.

Tackable Wall Panels

Be this shelving, a bookcase, or just having some storage boxes nestled in under your desk. You’ll be amazed at how hidden storage can be, allowing you to hide away all those deadlines once the work bell rings. Instant messaging and videoconferencing tools like Slack and Zoom can make it easy to check in with other remote employees and remind you how your work contributes to the big picture. This structure will help keep you focused and productive,” says Ginny Mineo.

You may want to go as far as creating a separate user account for work (or school). Making even small points of differentiation between work time and personal time helps your brain know when you’re off the clock, and that contributes to better work-life balance. One of the things most remote workers miss  (apart from those office chats) is probably access to the office stationery cupboard.

Get set in your on/off bedroom workspace

This is meant to relieve stress and strain on your low back and neck. If you don’t have the luxury of a great view – or even a window – in your home office, be inspired by Justina Blakeney of Jungalow and make one. For a home office that feels like a luxurious space rather than a commercial one, skip the standard office lighting, advises designer Shalini Misra who designs luxury interiors worldwide. When our jobs suddenly transferred home, many of us were left with no time to come up with clever home office ideas before pitching into the day to day. And even those who already spent one or two days a week in a home office may not have designed their rooms or work areas for five days a week use.

Make sure any roommates, family members, and dogs (well, maybe not dogs) respect your space during work hours. Check out these firms to see whether you meet the requirements to start working remotely for them. The average worker invests a lot of time and thought into developing their most productive work zone and refining their work style. We’ll discuss common tips and best practices for working from home in a moment. Some will do so from a home office, a hotel room, and an airplane 30,000 feet above the middle of nowhere.

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